Glass Onion takes food safety and food preparation very seriously. Developing trusted relationships with vendors and suppliers brings our customers added value. Our goals are to produce fresh innovative products and services, which meet or exceed customer demands and expectations in a timely, safe, clean, and efficient manner.

Glass Onion has implemented a rigorous Food Safety program that meets or exceeds industry standard. We follow strict safety and health guidelines in the manufacturing, transportation, and delivery of our products and ingredients. We are a certified USDA manufacturing plant, and are monitored by the State of California Department of Health Services. Our QA team sets the standards and monitors our in-house Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Program. Procedures and specifications comply with all relevant Federal, State, and Local regulations and food safety guidelines.

We have a long-standing commitment to improving what we do and to supply quality products that are safe and consistently please our customers. We achieve this by maintaining SQF certification.

Our staff is involved in all aspects of production; they understand our policy, our commitment, and our customers’ needs. Staff is our most valuable asset. Glass Onion Catering has established a food safety and quality development team and provides them with training and teh necessary support to enable them to facilitate continuous evaluation and implementation of new procedures. The continued involvement of all our staff is the main contributor of Glass Onion’s success.

What is SQF?

What is HACCP?